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Cognition of high-alert medication knowledge of clinical nurses and improvement measures to eradicate medication errors

Objective: To conduct survey on cognition of clinical nurses on knowledge of high-alert medication and propose relevant strategies for effective improvement.

Methods: One hundred twenty clinical nurses were randomly selected from medical staff in our hospital from July 2016 to February 2017, and the results were analyzed and evaluated by questionnaires.

Results: The results showed that, the total score of clinical nurses on knowledge of high-alert medication was 14-37 points, averaging 26.8 ± 3.32 points. The cognition of high-alert medication knowledge was significantly different among nursing staff with different age, service age, technical title and educational level (P<0.05).

Conclusions: It is necessary to establish a sound high-alert medication management system to master relevant knowledge, and reduce wrong medication by taking effective measures.

Author(s): Liangrong Shen, Jinfeng Yan, Xia Xin, Zhongmin Sun
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