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Co-existing of odontoid subluxation syringomyelia and vertebral artery abnormalities: A case report

Background: Co-existing of odontoid subluxation syringomyelia and vertebral artery abnormalities is a rare condition occurred in spinal cord, and the therapeutic approach of this disease is also rarely reported. Hence, a case of co-existing of odontoid subluxation syringomyelia and vertebral artery abnormalities was reported in this study.

Methods: A male patient, who suffered with limited head and neck functions, was described in the current study. X-ray and MRI examinations for cervical vertebra were performed to examine the conduct physical examination. Meanwhile, the basic personnel characteristics were also collected, including speech, behavior, power, and state of mind. After examinations, patient was received surgery treatment with a prone position, and the outcomes were checked using CT imaging.

Results: According to patient’s narration, he had suffered from inability and pain in left lower limb accompanied with limited locomotive for more than 4 months. Further physical examinations showed that patient had a sober mind and powerful shrug, but obvious hoarse voice and blear speech, soft neck, and limited limb activity. Meanwhile, X-ray and MRI results showed obvious occipito-cervical deformity, odontoid subluxation and syringomyelia. During surgery, an obvious insertion and merge of lepospondylous arcus posterior was found in foramen magnum posterior, and no sever events had been observed. The patient recovered gradually after surgery, however long term outcomes of the treatment needed more clinical data of follow-up.

Conclusion: Limited neck and limbs activity were the main syndromes of the co-existing of odontoid subluxation syrignomyelia and vertebral artery abnormalities, and bleeding may be an important risk factor and should be significantly considered during surgery treatment.

Author(s): Rongbin Guo, Pengfei Wang, Xiangyi Du, Zhao Li, Xiaobing Liu
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