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Clinical therapy and management of differentiated thyroid cancer in pregnant women

Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) is frequently found in mid-aged and young women. DTC has been the second common malignancy diagnosed during pregnancy. The clinical therapy of DTC has involvement of both mother’s health and fetal safety and thus is usually difficult. Currently, there are still controversies in the therapy of DTC in pregnant women. Herein we summarize the advance in the surgical therapy, radioactive iodine therapy and thyroid hormone replacement therapy in pregnancy and after delivery and explore more effective strategies which are beneficial for the mother and fetus, which willprovide more evidence for the selection of strategies for the clinical management of DTC in pregnant women.

Author(s): Jiaqun Zou, Lei Han, Bo Gao, Chun Wang, Jie Yan, Xiaojuan Jiang, Donglin Luo
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