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Clinical study on the level of glucose metabolism and placental NO in patients with gestational hypertension

Background: Gestational hypertension is a common syndrome of maternal, its clinical manifestations includes high blood pressure, proteinuria and edema. The aetiological agent was complicated that may be a more genes and is influenced by many environmental factors.

Objective: This research was to study the effect of sugar metabolism and the NO level of the placenta in patients with gestational hypertension (GHP).

Results: Both of the fasting blood glucose (FBG) and the fasting insulin (FINS) levels were tested between 40 patients with gestational hypertension (GH group) and 42 cases of normal pregnant women (NP group). And the HOMA-IR and HOM A-IS levels were compared. At the same time the NO level of placental villi homogenate in the pregnant women was tested with nitrate reduction method. The level of FINS, H OMA-IR, HOMA-IS were all increased compared with the NP group. There was no significant difference among each group on the level of FBG, however, the NO level was lower significantly than the NO level of NP group (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The gestational hypertension patients were resistant to insulin and they had secreted high level of insulin. The NO level and the level of sugar metabolism were important to the health of gestational hypertension patients.

Author(s): Di Zhng, Jian Gong
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