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Clinical study and safety analysis of propofol and fentanyl on painless gastroscopy examination

Objective: To study clinical application/effects of propofol and fentanyl on painless gastroscopy examination and evaluate its safety.

Methods: This study selected 130 patients with gastroscopy in our hospital. They were randomly divided into the observation group and the control group, each 65 cases. The control group was given anesthesia of venous injection propofol before gastroscopy examination. The experiment group given anesthesia before surgery by venous injection of propofol and fentanyl. Then we observed and record index changes of medication, heart rate, average arterial pressure, oxygen saturation, body movement and respiratory depression in various groups.

Results: Average artery pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation all decreased obviously in two groups, which decreased stably in the observation group. Medication in the observation group lower than the control group obviously (P<0.05); during treatment, body movement in experimental group lower than the observation group obviously, there were statistical differences (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Medication dose of propofol and fentanyl on painless gastroscopy is little. Clinical effects are better, which has functions of analgesia, sedation etc. Adverse reactions less. The safety is higher, it deserves importance and generalization.

Author(s): Wei Fujiang, Liang Lisheng, Sun Fude
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