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Clinical studies of simvastatin in treatment of adult-onset obesity with asthma

Objective: To explore clinical value and significance of simvastatin in treatment of adult-onset obesity with asthma.

Methods: 82 cases of adult-onset obesity with asthma enrolled in Qingdao Municipal Hospital from Jun 2015 to Aug 2016 were selected as the study objects and randomly divide them into control group and experiment group with 41 cases each. The patients in the control group were treated with budesonide and formoterol inhalation therapy while simvastatin treatment was added in the experiment group in addition to the above therapy. Then, we evaluate Asthma Control Test (ACT) of the two groups before and after treatment within 55 d, compare the patient’s pulmonary function recovery and observe serum leptin level of the two groups, record side effects and then compare the life quality of the patients.

Results: With different treatment schemes, the ACT score, pulmonary function recovery level, serum leptin level, life quality of the patients turn out to be better in both two groups, while the effects in experimental groups were more excellent with a statistical significance (P<0.05); but no obvious side effects were found.

Conclusion: Simvastatin has good effect in treatment of obese adults with asthma on improving lung function, reducing the patient’s serum leptin level, decreasing the incidence of adverse reactions, and improving the quality of life of the patients.

Author(s): Shufang Sun, Wei Han, Wanming Hao
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