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Clinical research of early systematic nursing intervention for ICU patients with pulmonary infection

Objective: To observe and analyse the positive effect of systematic nursing intervention on lung infection of ICU patients.

Method: 68 cases of lung infection from patients who were accepted into ICU were selected randomly between April 2016 and November 2016. These 68 patients were divided into two groups including observation group and control group. Treat the observation group with systematic nursing intervention, and the control group were dealed with conventional care. To observe and compare the incident rate of lung infection, infection incidence date, ICU stay, adverse reaction rate, and life quality between the two groups.

Results: The average incident rate of lung infection for patients in observation group is 46%, which is lower than 65% of patients in the control group; the infection incident date ranges from 18 to 23 d for patients in the observation group, which is obviously less than the control group patients’ 22 to 29 d; the ICU stay of patients in the observation group is 6.36 ± 1.95 d, and the ICU stay of patients in the control group is 9.23 ± 3.56 d. There were significant difference between the two groups (p<0.05), the adverse reaction rate of the observation group was 6.59%, which is clearly lower than that of the control group (24.16%); the life quality of the observation group is obviously higher than that of the control group, differences between the two groups has statistical significance (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Conducting systematic nursing intervention to ICU patients of lung infection can reduce the incident rate of lung infection, shorten both the time of infection incidence and the average ICU stay, and improve the life quality of ICU patients.

Author(s): Wenjing Zhang, Haiying Wu, Xiao Fu, Lijuan Liu
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