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Clinical importance of puerarin for nursing of patients with glaucoma

To determine whether clinical nursing of Puerarin can improve the visual outcome for patients with primary open angle glaucoma. A total of 108 patients with primary open angle glaucoma were recruited and received treatment with Puerarin or placebo in eye drop instillation using a 5-mL plastic bottle of artificial tear solution. The visual field defect and clinical characteristics intraocular pressure, graded corneal erosion, Tear Break-Up Time (TBUT), and subjective discomfort were analyzed after treatment with Puerarin. Outcomes showed that Puerarin treatment decreased intraocular pressure and inflammation score compared to placebo group. Puerarin treatment improved graded corneal erosion, TBUT, subjective discomfort and visual acuity, glaucoma visual field defect compared to placebo group. There was no safety issues were observed in either group. Ocular hyperemia was the most common treatment-related adverse event. In conclusion, these outcomes indicate that patients receiving Puerarin maintained better treatment adherence compared with control through 6 months of ontherapy evaluation, which suggest that Puerarin may provide improved long-term therapeutic outcomes for glaucoma patients.

Author(s): Linna Hao, Dezhi Lu, Xiaoxu Zhao, Xinying Liu
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