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Clinical effects of recombinant human BNP in treating acute heart failure and study on its effects On TWEAK and nT-pro BNP

Objective: To observe the level changes of tumor necrosis factor-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) and amino-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) of Acute Heart Failure (AHF) patients and re-evaluate the clinical effects and safety of recombinant human brain natriuretic peptide (rhBNP) in treating AHF.

Methods: 89 cases with AHF in our hospital and 40 healthy volunteers were recruited as the control group. The differences of TWEAK and NT-pro BNP of patients in two groups were observed and compared. Patients in AHF group were divided into subgroup. 24 cases in routine subgroup given routine anti-HF and anti-basic disease treatment. 47 cases in rhBNP subgroup given routine treatment and rhBNP treatment over 72 h.

Results: TWEAK and NT-pro BNP level of serum of patients in AHF group were (157.6 ± 69.7 pg/ml) and (3124.2 ± 2713.5 pg/ml) separately, significantly higher than the control group, there were statistical differences, P<0.01. TWEAK and NT-pro BNP level of patients in routine subgroup and rhBNP subgroup before treatment were similar, there were no statistical differences, P>0.05. After treatment, various detection indexes of patients in AHF group significantly improved compared with before treatment. TWEAK and NT-pro BNP level of serum of patients in TWEAK and NT-pro BNP level were (72.8 ± 34.5 pg/ml) and (769.2 ± 518.5 pg/ml) separately, there were statistical differences compared with patients in routine subgroup, P<0.05. The total effective rate of patients in routine subgroup was 71.43%, obviously lower than rhBNP subgroup (89.36%), there were statistical differences, P<0.05. There were 4 patients adverse events and 5 death patients in routine subgroup. There were 2 cases with hypotension and 2 death cases in rhBNP subgroup.

Conclusion: Recombinant human BNP can effectively treat CHF, rapidly improve clinical symptoms of patients and laboratory biochemical indexes such as TWEAK and NT-pro BNP etc. Compared with routine treatment methods, it has significant effects and high safety. It is worthy of clinical promotion.

Author(s): Li Jing, Yuan Yiqiang, Zhang Li, Zhang Shenwei, Zhang Yu, Zhang Hua, Wang Mingjie, Zhang Jinying
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