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Clinical effect of therapeutic hemapheresis and plasmapheresis therapy in blood diseases

Objective: This study aims to discuss the clinical effect of therapeutic hemapheresis+plasmapheresis therapy in patients with blood diseases.

Methods: A total of 140 patients with blood diseases were chosen in our hospital from November 2015 to August 2017 as the research object. Therapeutic hemapheresis+plasmapheresis therapy was adopted, and the final therapeutic effect and laboratory index results were observed.

Results: During RBC leukapheresis, RBC, Hb level, and Hct level of patients decreased significantly compared with those of before the treatment (P<0.05). During leukocyte leukapheresis, PLT and WBC levels of patients declined dramatically compared with those before the treatment (P<0.05). During PLT leukapheresis, the PLT level of patients was considerably lower than that before the treatment (P<0.05). Therapeutic effect evaluation was conducted after therapeutic hemapheresis. The RBC leukapheresis efficiency and PLT leukapheresis efficiency both reached 100.00%. Leukocyte leukapheresis efficiency reached 96.63%. Thus, outstanding clinical effects were observed. Peripheral blood leucocytes of 6 patients with HLL decreased sharply after the treatment. Patients reported mild nausea and dizziness. Therapeutic hemapheresis was continuously offered after the corresponding treatment, which contributed a sharp reduction of leukocytes. No untoward effects were observed.

Conclusions: Therapeutic hemapheresis+plasmapheresis therapy to patients with blood diseases achieved outstanding therapeutic effects, and can offer full guarantee to symptom relief and safety improvement, thus effectively increasing comprehensive therapeutic effect of patients with blood disease.

Author(s): Zhen-Hua Bao, Jun-Hong Yu, Hong-Guo Zhao
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