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Clinical differences between dangerous and non-hazardous placenta previa in the scar uterus

Aim: To compare the clinical data of the sinister and non-hazardous placenta previa in the scar uterus. Method: This study used 126 non-hazardous samples and 190 cases of sinister clinical data for surveying. The R software was used to analyze the data. Results: The sinister placenta previa has a lower neonatal weight, less gestational age, and higher bleeding volume. There is no significant difference in age. And through correlation comparison, it is found that gestational age and fetal weight are positively correlated in sinister and non-hazardous patients. The volume of bleeding in sinister patients is positively correlated with the number of pregnancies, the number of gestation intervals, and age. The amount is positively correlated with the number of pregnancies and negatively correlated with fetal weight in the non-hazardous patients. Conclusion: The study suggests that clinical care should be of greater concern for the age of pregnancy women and multiple pregnancies. The above findings can provide a basis for clinical research.

Author(s): Liangxi Zhu, Wei Wei, Fanyong Zhang, Yehao Dong, Yanping Wang, Miaomiao Qu, Chunxiao Li, Li Li, Weiyang Li, Dongmei Man
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