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Clinical characteristics of neurological complications after renal transplantation

Background: To investigate the type and diagnostic criteria for the incidence of neurological complications after renal transplantation.

Material and Methods: Clinical data of 1216 patients undergoing renal transplantation in the 309th Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army between September 2008 and December 2015 were retrospectively analysed. The pathogenesis, clinical characteristics and treatment of neurological complications following renal transplantation were investigated.

Results: Among 1216 cases, 58 patients presented with postoperative neurological complications, accounting for 4.8%. Specifically, 27 cases (46.6%) were diagnosed with encephalopathy, 12 (20.7%) with cerebrovascular diseases, 5 (8.6%) with epilepsy, 5 with central nervous system infection (8.6%) and 9 (15.5%) with peripheral neuropathy.

Conclusion: The pathogenesis of neurological complications after renal transplantation is complicated. Renal transplantation recipients are likely to present with diverse clinical symptoms, primarily characterized with encephalopathy and cerebrovascular events. Clinical diagnosis and treatment should be implemented as early as possible.

Author(s): Hailong Jin, Congran Li, Qing Yuan, Liang Xu, Zhouli Li, Ming Cai, Bingyi Shi
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