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Clinical analysis of neurological complications following liver transplantation

Background: To investigate the etiological factors and clinical features of neurological complications following liver transplantation.

Methods: The clinical data of 474 patients who had undergone orthotopic liver transplantation between April, 2002 and September, 2013 in our hospital were retrospectively analysed.

Results: There were 58 patients with neurological and nervous system complications among the 474 cases, of which 16 patients recovered from encephalopathy following both symptomatic and supportive treatment, 3 patients with seizure (1 death) and 6 patients with intracranial haemorrhage after the operation. Among 7 cases with infection in the central nervous system, 2 patients died of fungus infection. There were 11 cases with extrapyramidal damage and 15 cases with peripheral neuropathy. Neurological complications following orthotopic liver transplantation were associated with hepatic encephalopathy before transplantation, infection after transplantation and the administration of immuno-suppressants.

Conclusion: Neurological complications following liver transplantation are commonly seen and have a variety of etiological factors and/or clinical symptoms. Prompt and specific treatment for different etiologies can control the complications, thereby providing the patients the best chance for long term survival.

Author(s): Congran Li, Hailong Jin, Qing Yuan, Ming Cai, Zhouli Li, Guosheng Du, Bingyi Shi
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