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Clinical analysis of ectopic pregnancies in Majmaah, Saudi Arabia

Ectopic Pregnancy (EP) is a serious emergency faced by physicians in obstetrics and gynaecology, and the identification of EP can be frequently missed. The common signs of ectopic pregnancy in fertile women are lower abdominal discomfort and vaginal hemorrhage. The aim of this paper was to study EP patients to determine the etiology and management of EP. This study aims to study the hazardous factors, types, and clinical complications associated with EP patients, as well as diagnostic methods and prognosis. This was a retrospective cohort study performed at King Khalid Hospital, Majmaah, Saudi Arabia. Patient demographic data were documented. These data included parity, hazardous factors, signs and symptoms, habits, occupation, past history of PID, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic surgery and management. The data were analyzed using statistical software in MS Windows. The data are presented as the mean plus standard deviation. In our study, most cases (83.3%) were managed surgically, which means that too few cases were given medical or conservative options; thus, medical staff training in how to apply medical or conservative management techniques according to guideline criteria can improve future outcomes.

Author(s): Hussam Zain, Rayan Albarakaty, Yousif Mohamed, Yousif Abdallah
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