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Clinical analysis for the death of 127 patients with acute myocardial infarction and nursing strategies

How to give the corresponding nursing strategies for the risk factors of death is the focus of the current clinical nursing of AMI. Therefore, this study aims to determine causes of death in patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and the nursing strategies. The clinical data of 127 AMI patients treated in our center from January 1st, 2010 to December 31st, 2014, categorized into observed group and control group according to psychological counselling, were retrospectively analysed. Total of 68 patients were enrolled in observed group with 59 patients enrolled in control group. 48 (70.6%) of observed group had complicated infection and 43 (72.9%) of control group, respectively. The mortality of observed group was 17.65%, lower than 33.90% of control group (p=0.035). Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that age (≥ 70 y), less-awareness, complicated infection and accompanying conditions such as cardiogenic shock might be high-risk factors of AMI-induced death. In conclusion, AMI deaths are associated with diverse causes. Active and effective nursing approaches, such as psychological counselling, may help to decrease the risk of AMI deaths. The corresponding nursing strategies for these death-related factors included tailored patient education, psychological counselling, concentrated nursing care, reasonable nursing resource planning, continuous ECG monitoring and close observation.

Author(s): Li-Ping Cui, Lun-Lan Li, An-Qi Liu, Ping Ding, Shao-Hua Hu, Chang-Hui Wang, Ming-Hua Fang, Ya Zhang, Qing-Qing Wang, Shi-Heng Dai, Mei-Rong Liu, Xiao-Shuang Qian
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