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Clinical analysis and study of 844 children with adverse drug reactions in China

Objective: Retrospective clinical analysis of adverse drug reactions in children.

Methods: Clinical data analysis was performed on 844 cases of hospitalized children reported for adverse drug reactions.

Results: Children under 3 y of age were more prone to the adverse drug reactions; adverse reactions were mainly caused by antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine; intravenous rout was the most common mode of administration of drug causing adverse reaction; adverse drug reaction was mostly observed within 1 h of drug administration; most common clinical manifestation of adverse drug reactions was the skin damage.

Conclusions: More attention should be paid towards rational use of drugs, to avoid multiple drug use as far as possible, and to focus on prevention of adverse drug reactions, timely detection if happened and immediate treatment. Establishment of drug reaction reporting system will definitely help the physicians across the globe to better understand the phenomenon.

Author(s): Fuyong Jiao, Bilal Haider Shamsi, Xianpeng Yan, Zhilong Mu, Jieying Wang, Xiangyang Guo
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