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Characterization of foot shape and deformity in Saudi population: A preliminary study

Application of gait biomechanics are numerous and versatile. One of these applications is to study the shape and deformity of feet. Such studies aid in the establishment of standards for foot-wear manufacturers. Thus, this is a preliminary study to create a classification of Saudi population as a first step towards setting a Saudi standard for foot wear. In this study 2 groups; male and female; consisting of 50 each were used. Bare-foot plantar pressure measurements were performed 5 times for each foot using Novel Emed-m platform. Foot index and hallux angle were obtained from these measurements and used to classify the foot shape and deformity, respectively. Results show that the majority of the population tested herein has standard and normal feet; with standard average of 77% for female and 80 for male and normal average of 88% for both male and female.

Author(s): Saleh S AL-Tayyar, Mohamed-Tarek I EL-Wakad, Mohamed Z Bendjaballah
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