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Characteristics of the patients undergoing surgical treatment for hemothorax: A descriptive study

Introduction: Hemothorax is the accumulation of blood in the intrapleural space. We aim to discuss surgical methods applied to patients with traumatic hemothorax.

Materials and Methods: We retrospectively examined 294 patients. Patients who received positive results with observation, underwent emergency thoracotomy and were not treated surgically were excluded from the study. Results of patients with hemothorax were analysed. P<0.05 was considered significant.

Results: The mean age was 39 ± 7.4. 73 of the patients with hemothorax were blunt trauma, while 221 of them were penetrating trauma. Male gender was found to be significant for patients with hemothorax. In terms of the associated injuries, extremities and head injuries were found significant for patients with blunt trauma. 249 of patients were performed tube thoracostomy, 38 were treated with thoracotomy, 6 got VATS, and one underwent sternotomy. Tube thoracostomy was found as primary and effective treatment method in treatment of patients with hemothorax. Morbidity was found significant for male patients with hemothorax.

Conclusion: Hemothorax is an urgent condition requiring rapid diagnosis. Definition of associated injuries is life-saving. Priority treatment is tube thoracostomy.

Author(s): Muharrem Cakmak
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