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Case Report: Pre-rupture ultrasound diagnosis of rudimentary horn pregnancy

An young primigravida with initial diagnosis of threatened abortion was diagnosed as missed abortion by USG was planned to terminate pregnancy by extra-amniotic prostadin. As there was difficulty in negotiation of catheter in to the uterus the case was reexamined clinically and was suspected to be rudimentary horn pregnancy which was confirmed by TAS. The findings on repeat USG showed the myometrium of the pregnant horn to be <2mm in thickness and defective at some places suggesting threatening rupture which helped in deciding the case for immediate lapratomy. One should have high index of suspicion in diagnosing rudimentary horn pregnancies and whenever there is difficulty while performing termination of pregnancy surgically, the case should be re-evaluated clinically as well as Ultrasonographically.

Author(s): Papa Dasari
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