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Calpain inhibitor AK 295 inhibits calpain-induced apoptosis and damage in rat kidney

Objectives: In the present investigation, the effect of a calpain inhibitor, AK 295, on ischemia/ reperfusion damage in rat kidney were investigated and evaluated.

Materials and Methods: 28 male Wistar Albino rats were separated into 4 main random groups (n=7), named group I (control), group II (ischemia-reperfusion), group III (AK295+ischemia-reperfusion) and group IV (DMSO+ischemia-reperfusion). Right kidney nephrectomy under anesthesia of xylazine (5 mg/kg) and ketamine (75 mg/kg) was performed to the rats except for group I. The rats under reversible general anesthesia underwent 30 min total ischemia and then, blood samples (5 cc) and kidney tissues were taken from all the groups rapidly. Caspase 3 enzyme activity was detected in the kidney tissues by Western-blot technique. Serum creatinine and urea values, amount of kidney malondialdehyde, and differences in the cellular antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase were also analyzed.

Results: In AK295+IR group, caspase-3 enzyme band was not observed due to the fact that the calpain inhibitor AK295 prevented the ischemic damage. On the other hand, in DMSO+IR group, significant bands appeared due to apoptosis. It was also found that catalase levels in AK295+I/R and DMSO+I/R groups increased insignificantly compared to I/R group (p<0.05).

Conclusions: As a result of the study, AK295 could provide further knowledge on ischemia-reperfusion damage that has no current treatment and it could have a place in ischemia-reperfusion damage treatment protocol.

Author(s): Aydemir S, Binen M, Parlakpinar H, Dilsiz N
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