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Breast cancer detection using modified Hough transform

Breast cancer is a result of the uncontrolled cells division. These cells may spread from the breast to other parts of the body through blood vessels. Many symptoms were associated to the breast cancer, such as change in color, skin, and shape. In this work, the breast tumor will detect according to its geometric, texture, and gradient features. Firstly, region of interest (ROI) will detected by using the Hough transform. After the location of breast tumor was determined, these locations will cropping from the original mammogram image to detect the actual tumor, then twenty two features will be computed for the ROIs using predefined equations. These features are used to classify the infected tissues from the normal one. A comparison was made between system results of the breast features and reading of an expert’s radiologist to ensure the feasibility and algorithm efficiency.

Author(s): Osama R. Shahin, Meshrif Alruily, Mansi Alsmarah, Musharraf Alruwaill
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