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Brain computer interface for vehicle navigation

Brain computer interface can be defined communication pathway between a person and their external environment with the aid of Brain signals. The proposed interface aims to make use of the intended movement as a command signal that mimics the actual movement to control vehicle routing application. This can be in health care for Neuro-rehabilitation. The electrical activity of the brain in the frontal and central lobes is acquired using Electroencephalograph (EEG) using wearable active electrodes. The acquired EEG signals are conditioned and processed to extract the Mu waves and eye blink they were used as control signals for vehicle navigation. By using this module the vehicle can be navigated and controlled automatically in real time without user’s assistance. It can also be used for physically challenged people to control the vehicle who lost their limbs due to accidents. This module can be further developed as an auto mode which programs the vehicle to override the function of humans whenever they feel drowsy or lethargic.

Author(s): G Mohan Babu, S Vijaya Balaji, K Adalarasu, Veluru Nagasai, A Siva, B Geethanjali
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