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Bonding of cholesterol oxides to functionalised multiwalled carbon nanotubes for in-vitro biosensor application

MWCNTs (multiwalled carbon nanotubes) were synthesized by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and functionalised using Hcl and HNO3 at 80 °C. Their FTIR spectra revealed the characteristic peaks for carboxylic acid and alcoholic groups. Both unfunctionalized (MWCNTs) and functionalised multiwalled carbon nanotubes ( f-MWCNTs) were reacted with cholesterol oxidase using 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodimide and Nhydroxyl sulfo-succinimide.But bonding with cholesterol oxidase was established only with f- MWCNTs. Cholesterol oxidase bonded to f-MWCNTs was tested for cholesterol sensing using cyclic voltametry. It established interaction of cholesterol with cholesterol oxidase bonded to f- MWCNTs. Hence cholesterol oxidase bonded to f-MWCNTs could be a novel in-vitro cholesterol sensor in hyper lipidemia

Author(s): A. Malarvizhi and A. Pandurangan
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