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Blood glucose and lipids profile in non-diabetic patients taking propranolol.

This study investigated the effects of propranolol (P) as a non-selective b-adrenergic receptor blocker on blood glucose and lipid profile in non-diabetic patients. The results of this project will be a guide to prevent occurrence of hypoglycemic signs (tachycardia, palpitation, feeling hunger, blood pressure changes, anxiety and sweating) and its undesired consequences in P takers. Thirty seven patients chosen were without any serious cardiovascular complications and also without hearing, intellectual and visual defects. Fasting blood glucose and lipid profile of the patients were estimated by autoanalyser instrument, BT3000. Only comparison between blood HDL level before taking P and after an 8-week period of taking P became significant (Pv = 0.034) and the variable mentioned showed a reduction of level in most of the P takers. It is concluded that if a patient needs a beta adrenergic blocker, a selective beta 1 blocker should be considered cautiously.

Author(s): Mohammad Ayatollahi, Golrasteh Kholasehzadeh
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