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Biomechanical analysis and comparison of actual lumbarbone with lumbar bone prototype

Biomechanics is of prime importance while designing any automobile, especially with the growing competition in that sector. Present day research focuses to a great extent on this aspect and especially on the comfort of the driver of the vehicle. Researches prove that there is increasing damage to the backbone of the person riding the automobile, due to ineffective design of the suspension system of the vehicle. Lumbar bone is that part of the backbone on which the entire mass of the body acts. Due to improper suspension system, the lumber bone gets extensively damaged, leading to severe health effects. Our thesis is to fabricate, analyse and compare the properties of a replica of human lumbar bone created from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with that of an actual human lumbar bone. The MRI and CT scans of various bone samples are first collected. A prototype of the Lumbar bone is made for experimental studies. Then, the forces acting on a human bone during the actual conditions are considered and the prototype is tested for the same.

Author(s): Navinkumar Krishnan, MS Alphin, Roopan Doss TTB
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