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Biomedical Research

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Biomarkers of human health

Biomarkers in recent times have gained immense clinical and scientific curiosity. They are biological marker explained as changes in composition of cells or fluids of body which are helpful to understand various chronic diseases in terms of screening, diagnosis, prognosis, therapeutic management and chances of recurrence. Hence, they serve as indicators of diseases and can be measured either in vivo by imaging or in vitro by laboratory techniques. Different kinds of biomarkers are available with lots of advantages as well as disadvantages in the field of medical science. They help to understand the complete range of disease from the beginning phase till the end. They help in predicting risk factors for diseases, screening of diseases and monitoring the patient. They are fuel for drug research and development. Biomarkers evaluation involves tools that can help in understanding the disease or health, reason, diagnosis, disease advancement, relapse or result of treatment and hazard evaluation. These may include estimations straightforwardly on natural media (amniotic liquid, cerebrospinal liquid, plasma, blood, peritoneal and pleural fluid, saliva, serum, seminal fluid, sweat and urine) or estimations, for example, brain imaging which don't include direct testing of organic media however measure alterations in the function or integrity of the nervous system.

Author(s): Irfan Ahmad Khan
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