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Biomedical Research

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Biochemical status of various risk factors of coronary heart disease patients after the supplementation of alpha lipoic acid

The present study was conducted to see the efficiency of alpha-lipoic acid in the active management of coronary heart disease patients (N=40). Alpha- lipoic acid is a vitamin like powerful antioxidant, which is soluble in both water and fat. At the membrane level we get protection before free radicals enters the cell. Any free radicals that make it past the first line of protection are combated right in the cell. It was seen that alpha-lipoic acid may have beneficial effects in reducing blood lipid profile and fibrinogen significantly (p<0.001) while homocysteine and triglyceride were decreased insignificantly (p>0.05). Observation strongly suggests that alpha lipoic-acid may have beneficial effects in reducing both old and new risk markers in coronary heart disease patients.

Author(s): S.K. Singh, A Kumar, N. Singh, H. V. Singh and P. Sharma
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