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Bifurcation Of brachial artery at it?s commencement-A case report

Normally brachial artery divides into it’s terminal branches namely radial and ulnar arteries at the neck of the radius in the cubital fossa. In the present study ,a case of termination of brachial artery at it’s commencement below the lower border of teres major is being reported. Both the terminal branches, ulnar and radial had superficial course along the medial aspect of biceps brachii. In cubital fossa, biceps tendon was flanked by ulnar and radial arteries on medial and lateral sides respectively. In the forearm, radial artery had more superficial course than ulnar artery. The study is done on the termination of the brachial artery and reported.

Author(s): Shewale SN, Sukre SB, Diwan CV
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