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Bibliometric analysis of tuberculosis pleurisy based on web of science

Background: To reveal the worldwide research status of Tuberculosis pleurisy through a bibliometric analysis.

Methods: Articles were searched from Web of Science (WoS) SCI-Expanded database. Retrieved documents were analyzed using the database with its own statistical functions and Histcite software (version 8.12.16). The impact factor and Eigen factor scores were extracted from the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports.

Results: Overall 1071 papers from 422 types of journals were found. From the year 2005 to 2016, the research on Tuberculosis pleurisy increased steadily and significantly in the world. China, USA, India have played important roles in the Tuberculosis pleurisy research in the world, although the number of published literature in South Africa, is not much, but the quality of its literature is very high. Shi HZ from China published the most and the highest quality of literature. Publications in this area were most frequent from four leading journals including International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (n=46), PLoS ONE (n=46), Respirology (n=42), Chest (n=37), Tuberculosis (n=24).

Conclusion: Clinical researchers have paid more attention to Tuberculosis pleurisy than before, but there are still many important issues unresolved.

Author(s): Hong Ye, Qiufen Li, Maisa Kasanga, Dianjie Lin
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