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Awareness of late adolescents with a diabetic family member of their health risks

Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of an individual with diabetes on late adolescents, a period during which many behaviors and models of thought are formed and the awareness of health risks develop.

Methods: This study was carried out with 385 late adolescents randomly selected at the Ankara Baskent University Campus. Participants were given a questionnaire of 33 questions to determine their demographical characteristics; their habits related to diet and exercise; and their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours regarding diabetes mellitus together with the Health Anxiety Inventory-Short Form (HAI-SF).

Results: Participants were divided into two groups: relatives of DM patients and relatives of non-DM patients. Late adolescents with DM in their family showed significant differences in nutritional choices for healthy snack foods and were found to have a more accurate understanding of "what to expect when a person in the risk group for DM is fed to reduce the risk". There was no statistically significant difference in the data except these two areas.

Conclusion: The results of the present study found that the awareness of health risks of late adolescents with DM in their family is insufficient. Developing behavioral changes and raising awareness in late adolescents who are at risk of developing DM will be a protective measure against it.

Author(s): Fisun Sozen, Zeliha Ozbakir, Yasemin Cetinel, Altug Kut, Ergun Oksuz
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