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Autonomic function test in chronic renal failure patients

Background: Autonomic dysfunction has been recognized as an important contributor to the poor outcome in chronic kidney disease patients. Several studies have reported abnormalities in autonomic function tests in chronic renal failure. Objectives: To study the effect of chronic renal failure on autonomic function tests and to compare the difference in autonomic function test between normal versus chronic renal failure patients, Material and methods: This is a comparative case control study undertaken by me in the Department of physiology, cardiovascular autonomic function tests were performed for Thirty cases of chronic renal failure patients and thirty matched controls of both the genders after obtaining informed written consent and then compared, which include deep breathing test, valsalva maneuver, diastolic pressure response to cold pressor test, response to standing on heart rate and hand grip test. Result: A total of 60 respondent are available for data analysis and the normal healthy subjects values are correlated with the chronic renal failure patients, for valsalva ratio (p=0.0001), deep breathing test (p=0.0003), response to standing in heart rate (p=0.0124) rise in diastolic blood pressure in hand grip test (p=0.001) and rise in diastolic Blood pressure in cold pressor test p=0.001) respectively. Conclusion: This study concludes both parasympathetic and sympathetic dysfunction is seen chronic renal failure patients.

Author(s): Deivanayagame B
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