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Atrial myxoma inducing acute stroke and mimicking ST-elevation myocardial infarction: A case report

Atrial myxoma is the common cardiac benign tumor, which is typical leading to three major symptoms, including obstructive symptoms, constitutional symptoms, and embolic symptom. The abnormal blood flow induced by atrial myxoma may play a critical role to cause severe and irreversible neurologic complications, such as recurrent transient ischemic attack and stroke. It is an important diagnosis for physicians to keep in mind when patient presenting with stroke symptoms. Here, we report a case presented with acute onset loss of consciousness and flaccid hemiplegia on left side. The electrocardiogram revealed ST segment elevation from precordial leads V4 to V6 and limb leads I and II. The patent coronary artery was noted and cardiac ultrasound revealed an atrial myxoma, finally. We highlight the neurological and cardiac symptoms by atrial myxoma for physicians to early diagnosis and timely intervention.

Author(s): Meng-Yu Wu, Ling-Chi Lee, Ching-Hsiang Lin, Tsu-Yi Chen, Ying-Wei Tsai, Yu-Long Chen, Thau-Yun Shen, Giou-Teng Yiang
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