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Assessment of the social and economic burden of glaucoma in Bulgaria

Introduction: Glaucoma commonly refers not to a single disease, but to a group of disorders that have certain common features, in particular cupping and atrophy of the optic nerve head; characteristic visual field loss. Quality of life in glaucoma is affected earlier than previously thought. Aim of this study is to assess the social and economic burdens of glaucoma in Bulgaria.

Materials and Methods: The study is a macro observational study of the number of registered and treated patients with glaucoma in Bulgaria, their cost and resulting Disability adjusted life years due to glaucoma.

Results: In 2016 the number of women with glaucoma is 51,321 and the number of male is 27,166. Almost twice as large is the percentage of female suffering from glaucoma-65%, compared to the percentage of male-35%. Incidence grows exponentially and in 2014 newly diagnosed were 7975 glaucoma patients, in 2015- 7492 patients, and in 2016-7407 patients. Proportion of newly diagnosed is between 0.08% and 3.27% and depends on the age group. Disability adjusted life years for all registered glaucoma patients account for 674,422 and every patient lives on average 10 y in full disability due to visual loss that generates economic losses of $79000 per person for life time period.

Conclusions: Glaucoma is a disease that generates economic and social loses to the society and the patients. Bulgarian glaucoma patient's pays half of their pharmacotherapy and bear 10 Disability adjusted life years during their entire life.

Author(s): Daniela D. Grekova, Kalina G. Andreevska, Guenka Petrova, Valentin Petkova
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