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Assessment of c-reactive protein and fibrinogen levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diabetics are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and therefore there is a need to look for new markers to assess the risk. Aims of the present study are to assess the C-reactive protein (CRP) and fibrinogen levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects. In a case control study, stable type 2 diabetics were enrolled from pathology lab and controls were enrolled from free living population. Anthropometric profile, lipid profile, CRP and fi-brinogen levels were assessed on 27 stable type 2 diabetics and 30 normal subjects. Students t test and correlation analysis were done using excel package. The data showed that the mean CRP and fibrinogen values were 1.7mg/L and 242 mg% in diabetics and 1.16mg/L and 296mg% in controls. Both CRP and fibrinogen levels were not influenced by elevated levels of BMI, WC, Total cholesterol and triglyceride levels in controls as well as the diabet-ics. However, in case of CRP significant correlation was found with Triglyceride (r=0.3, p= 0.05) and TG/H (r=0.4 , p=0.01). No positive correlation existed with fibrinogen values with any of the lipid indicators monitored. Thus traditional markers of TG and TG/H should be monitored regularly to assess the risk of CVD.

Author(s): Uma M Iyer and Pallavi Desai
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