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Application research of biomedicine in elimination of sports fatigue of table tennis players

The antagonism of table tennis is very strong and the competition is very fierce. Athletes are prone to exercise fatigue in high intensity and heavy load training. How to effectively eliminate sports fatigue has been the focus of domestic and foreign research institutions. In this paper, a series of links between the brain and muscles of table tennis players that could cause the fatigue were studied. Sports fatigue was analyzed from the perspective of biomedicine, and the neural, hormonal, metabolic, and immune regulatory fatigue chains were proposed. It was found that the ATP (t=5.12, P<0.05) and CP (t=4.27, P<0.05) in the brain were significantly reduced during the exercise fatigue. In addition, supplement of sugar, ATP, protein, amino acids and other nutritional supplements was beneficial to eliminate sports fatigue of table tennis players. Studies show that from the perspective of biomedicine, one of the most important factors in the development of exercise-induced fatigue is the large amount of energy consumption in the body, so it is necessary to make a reasonable nutritional supplement for the recovery and elimination.

Author(s): Bai Lei
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