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Application of vacuum sealing drainage in oral and maxillofacial surgery

This study aimed to evaluate the clinical significance of Vacuum Sealing Drainage (VSD) therapy in oral and maxillofacial surgery patients with serious maxillofacial abscesses, trauma wounds, or flap necrosis, and to summarize the advantages of VSD. We retrospectively analysed 28 patients who received VSD therapy in our ward since 2013, including 13 patients with trauma wounds, 8 patients with abscesses, and 7 patients suffering from postoperative flap necrosis. We then compared their treatment time and pain scores with those of 22 patients who received traditional therapy. All the data were statistically analysed using SPSS software. The VSD device was safe, and the 28 serious wounds were effectively resolved after VSD therapy. The use of VSD significantly shortened the time required for healing by 54.5% (P<0.01) and reduced the pain scores by 48.8% (P<0.01) as compared to traditional treatment. VSD has more advantages than traditional therapy in the treatment of various serious maxillofacial wounds, and leads to greater patient satisfaction. VSD has many useful applications in oral and maxillofacial clinical practice.

Author(s): Yi Lin, Huiming Wang, Xian Zhang
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