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Application of TAR signature for breast mass analysis

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Our paper mainly focuses on classification of breast masses with the Triangular Area Representation (TAR) signatures. Breast masses are characterized by its gray level values and shape complexity. So, shape descriptors are calculated from the TAR signature of mass contours and given to different classifiers for the classification of benign and malignant contours .We tested our proposed method on 148 mass contours which are taken from DDSM mammogram database. Out of the total images used for evaluation 74 images were malignant and other 74 images were benign. The proposed method attained accuracy of 90.9% and 0.95 AUC (Area Under Curve) value with SVM (support vector machine) classifier

Author(s): Spandana Paramkusham, Kunda MM Rao, Prabhakar Rao BVVSN, Shivam Sharma
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