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Application of retcam III wide-field fundus imaging in screening of retinoblastoma

Background: To investigate value of Retcam III in screening and follow-up of Retinoblastoma (RB) in infants.

Method: A total of 395 infants with orbital tumors who were treated as outpatients and received 130º wide-field Retcam III fundus imaging in our unit between July 2013 and September 2014 were reviewed. They underwent Retcam III fundus imaging for both eyes under topical anesthesia after mydriasis was adequately induced by compound Tropicamide eye drops. Data were documented and analysed.

Result: A total of 395 infants cooperated and completed RB screening, of which 147 were found to have RB.

Conclusion: Retcam III is not only useful in the screening and follow-up of RB in infants, but also facilitates early discovery of RB and regular follow-up after treatment. Thus it is a safe and effective approach. The cooperation between physician and patient is the key to a successful imaging.

Author(s): Shaofen Lin, Wei Sun, Lin Lv, Xiujuan Zhao, Yuxiang Mao, Shibo Tang
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