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Application of PBL combining CBL in otorhinolaryngological teaching

Objective: To observe the application of PBL combining CBL in otorhinolaryngological teaching.

Methods: 100 cases of students were selected and randomly divided into control group and observation group, with 50 cases in each group. The control group was given traditional teaching method, while the observation group was given PBL combining CBL teaching method. The learning effect, students’ satisfaction, and teacher assessment condition of both groups were compared.

Results: The results of the observation group were: clinic pathologic analysis 96.35 ± 1.02 grades, theory 97.32 ± 1.32 grades, clinical practice 96.98 ± 1.58 grades, and paper 95.87 ± 1.33 grades, which were statistically and significantly different with the control group, with P<0.05. The students satisfaction and teacher assessment of the observation group were respectively 98.00% and 96.00%, which were significantly better than the control group, with P<0.05.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that the combination of PBL and CBL is more effective in improving students' academic performance and satisfaction than traditional teaching methods.

Author(s): Jiang Chengyi, Qiang Hualong, Jiang Tao, Xu Yajia, Cheng Zhongqiang
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