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Application of holistic nursing in care for cranial neurointervention

Objective: To explore the application and clinical value of holistic nursing in care for cranial neurointervention.

Methods: A total of 138 patients needed the treatment of cranial neurointervention, who were admitted in dept. of neurosurgery in our hospital from August 2015 to January 2016, were divided into routine nursing group (control group) and holistic nursing group (observation group), 69 patients a group. After treatment and nursing, the improvement of life quality, occurrence of complications, average hospitalization expenses and length of stay, as well as patient satisfaction were compared and analyzed.

Results: After treatment and nursing, in the observation group, the improvement of life quality was better significantly than the control group (t=7.03, P=0.00), the occurrence of complication lower obviously than the control group (χ2=12.64, P=0.00); the average length of stay was less distinctly than the control group (t=2.85, P=0.04), the average hospitalization expenses less significantly than the control group (t=29.64, P=0.00); and patient satisfaction was much higher than the control group (χ2=16.23, P=0.00).

Conclusion: In the course of nursing for cranial neurointervention, giving holistic nursing is able to prevent complications, improve patients’ quality of life, decrease their economic burden, and increase their satisfaction. Holistic Nursing Care for Cranial neurointerventional must become habitual Nursing Care for Cranial neurointerventional.

Author(s): Haijuan Lu
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