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Application of high quality nursing service mode in care of neurosurgical patients with tumor

Objective: To study application effect of high-quality care service mode in the care of neurosurgical patients with tumor.

Methods: 136 cases of neurosurgical patients with tumor treated during October 2014~October 2015 were chosen as the study subject. Patients were divided randomly into two groups: observation group and control group, 68 cases in each group. Conventional care was given to the study subject in observation group and high-quality care mode was given to the study subject in control group. Observation targets included incidence rate of complication, patient satisfaction rate and care quality.

Results: There were 15 cases had complication in control group (22.1%) and 5 cases in observation group (7.4%). Respectively 50 cases and 60 cases in control group and observation group were satisfied with high-quality care service mode, and satisfaction rate of two groups were 73.5% and 92.64% respectively, which observation group was higher than control group, and the difference between the two groups was statistically significant.

Conclusion: Applying high-quality care into neurosurgical patients with tumor is helpful for rapid postoperative recovery of the patients, which can effectively improve care service quality and reduce complication incidence in neurosurgical patients. Meanwhile, it also improves care satisfaction from the patients, which has higher clinical value and should be extensively applied and actively studied.

Author(s): Weizhen Wang, Yuanyuan Ye
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