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Application of diffusion weighted imaging in the diagnosis of bone metastases from lung cancer

Objective: To investigate the application of background inhibition of fast systemic magnetic resonance diffusion imaging (DWI) in bone metastasis of lung cancer.

Methods: Fifty healthy volunteers and 57 patients with lung cancer diagnosed by pathology were examined by WB-DWI, and reconstructed by 3D-MIP and black-and-white flip-flop. The skeletal system was divided into 8 regions, and the number of WB-DWI positive cases in each region was recorded. All WB-DWI images were compared with positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) images.

Results: There were 45 WB-DWI-positive cases and 207 lesions in 85 affected areas. There were 47 PET-CT positive cases and 87 involved lesions. The total number of lesions were 197.

Conclusion: The consistency of WB-DWI and PET-CT is very good, and WB-DWI is fast, cheap, non-radioactive and has good reproducibility. Therefore, it has significant clinical value in the diagnosis and treatment follow-up of lung cancer.

Author(s): Wei Zuo, Wei Zhang
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