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Application of different expanded forehead flaps for cervicofacial defect reconstruction

Objective: To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of different expanded forehead flaps in the cerviofacial reconstruction, aiming to identify an optimal technique.

Methods: A total of 70 patients who suffered from scars contracture, nevus, vascular anomalies (hemangioma and capillary malformation), nasal defects and facial cleft admitted to our hospital between June 2014 and December 2016 were recruited. According to the location of these deformities and lessons, four types of expanded forehead flap were adopted.

Results: In total, 70 patients accepted expanded forehead flaps for faciocervical reconstruction. Type I flap was practiced on 29 patients (12 male, 17 female), type II flap for 23 patients (14 male, 9 female), type III flap for 10 male patients and type IV flap for 8 patients (6 male and 2 female). All the donor sites of types I, II and IV flap were closed primarily, and no incision was disrupted during the staged operations; the temporal donor sites of type III flap would be repaired by the pedicles at the third stage.

Conclusion: The expanded forehead flaps can be flexibly applied in reconstruction of different faciocervical units for not only its well color and texture matched, but also its reliability of blood supply and relatively uncomplicated technique.

Author(s): Su-Jiun Hou, Yong Miao, Ping-Jen Hou, Shao-Ping Cheng, Zhi-Qi Hu
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