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Application of clinical pathway management in the training and practice of nursing staff for cancer patients

Objective: To evaluate the effect of the pattern of clinical pathway management upon the healthcare nursing for patients who were diagnosed with malignant tumors.

Methods: A total of 186 intern nurses were recruited and randomly divided into the control (n=90) and clinical pathway groups (n=96). In the control group, all the intern nurses received traditional teaching management, and their counterparts in the clinical pathway group were delivered with clinical pathway teaching management. After corresponding training and practice, the levels of theoretical knowledge, professional expertise, nursing practical ability, teaching practice and degree of satisfaction were assessed and statistically compared between two groups, respectively.

Results: In the clinical pathway group, the sub-scores of the items including theoretical knowledge, professional expertise, nursing practical ability and degree of satisfaction of the intern nurses were equally significantly better compared with those in their counterparts from the control group (all P<0.05).

Conclusion: Health and academic institutions should support nurses through quality continuing and higher education that reinforces professional values, thus improving the quality of patient care. The pattern of clinical pathway management can significantly enhance the quality of academic and practice teaching for intern nurses.

Author(s): Jin Zhou, Jian Ruan, Rongrong Liao, Xiumei Wu
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