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Application of bronchoscopy treatment and nursing on severe craniocerebral trauma patients with hospital acquired pneumonia

Objective: To discuss the application effect of bronchoscope treatment on HAP patients with severe craniocerebral injury.

Method: 120 HAP patients with severe craniocerebral injury hospitalized in the department of neurology and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of our hospital from March 2013 to March 2016 are selected and randomly divided into the control group and observation group. Each group contains 60 cases. Conventional treatment is conducted for the control group, while bronchoscope airway lavage in addition to conventional treatment is adopted for the observation group. The respiration, heart rate and blood gas change of both groups before and after treatment are compared.

Result: By comparing the heart rate, respiration, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, oxygen partial pressure, and oxygen saturation changes of both groups after treatment , the result shows that the effect of the observation group is significantly superior to that of the control group (p<0.05).

Conclusion: Bronchoscope airway lavage is adopted for HAP patients with severe craniocerebral trauma, and targeted nursing intervention is provided, the result shows that hypoxia of patients can be improved significantly and infection can be controlled effectively and timely.

Author(s): Simiao Peng, Wei'e He
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