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Antioxidant treatment a new therapeutic approach to reversible male infertility

The imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and total antioxidant capacity in seminal fluid indicates oxidative stress and is correlated with male infertility. One of the rational strategies to counteract the oxidative stress is to increase the scavenging capacity of seminal plasma. In such cases a combination of antioxidants may e more useful treatment of male infertility. We therefore undertook this study the usefulness of antioxidant supplementation on seminal oxidative stress and its relation with sperm function test. In present study total Sixty one oligozoospermia patients and forty four fertility proved healthy donors with normal sperm analysis were included in the study. Seminal lipid peroxide, nitric oxide and total antioxidant power and various parameters were compared including sperm function test among the fertile control and before & after treatment of oligozoospermic patients. Of the 61 untreated oligoozoospermia patients the mean lipid peroxide and nitric oxide levels were found to be increased along with decreased total antioxidant power and sperm function ability as compared to fertile control subjects. However significant reduction in lipid peroxide and nitric oxide and improvement in seminal total antioxidant power, sperm function ability were observed after supplementary treatment of combined antioxidant.

Author(s): Sunil B. Yadav, Adinath N. Suryakar, Anil D. Huddedar, Puspha P. Durgawale, Pramod S. Shukla
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