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Anti-ovarian and anti-breast cancers with dual topoisomerase ii/braf600e inhibitors activities of some substituted indole derivatives

We here in report the anti-cancer and kinases inhibitor activities of some substituted indole derivatives 1-10. which were synthesized and evaluated as analgesic and anticonvulsant agents before. Ten compounds were conveniently screened for their in vitro cytoyoxicity against a wide rannge of cell lines; these compounds showed potent activities against ovarian and breast cancer cell lines. The in vivo antiovrian cancer and anti-breast cancer of the most active in vitro compounds were estimated and founded highly potent. In search for the mechanism of action of anticancer activities it was found that these compounds exert their action via Topoisomerase II inhibition and inhibition of BRAF600E.

Author(s): Abd El-Galil E. Amr, Mohamed M. Abdalla, Mohamed A. Al-Omar, Elsayed A. Elsayed
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