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Anticancer evaluation of novel 1,3,4-trisubstituted pyrazole candidates bearing different nitrogenous heterocyclic Moieties

With the goal of developing novel and potent anticancer therapies, a new set of 1,3,4-trisubstituted pyrazole derivatives linked to different heteroaryl systems at C-4 position were prepared and estimated for their anticancer effects at NCI, USA employing a two stage procedure using 60 various human tumor cell lines. Anticancer evaluation disclosed that, compound 4c displayed super fat potency towards most human tumor cell lines with GI50 (0.52-5.15 μM), particularly against colon SW-620 cell line with GI50 (0.52 μM). At the same time, 4c was also selective against A498 and RXF 393 cell lines of renal cancer with GI50 0.58 and 0.86 μM respectively.

Author(s): Magda M. F. Ismail, Nagy M. Khalifa, Hoda H. Fahmy, Hend M. EL-Sahrawy, Eman S. Nossier
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