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Analysis of various edge detection techniques for dosimeter bubble detector images

The bubble detector is used to detect the amount of neutron and hence used to measure the neutron dose under intense gamma field. Usually, this device is used in the field of atomic energy to manipulate the neutron dosage. The radioactive premises bubbles will be formed based on the radioactive. It can be used to monitor radioactive exposure. The number of nucleated bubbles yields the neutron dose. Hence the accuracy of the measurement depends on the counting of bubbles. This work proposes an image processing based different edge detection technique to find the edges of the bubbles and analyses the edge detection operator. Whereas several algorithms are projected for the aim of image edge detection technique, the matter of finding the image edge detection remains an open challenge in the image processing field, particularly in things wherever the image quality is poor condition. In this paper we deal with the finding and extraction of bubble edge of a Dosimeter bubble detector image using different digital image processing edge detection techniques. This technique is used for finding discontinuities in intensity values. Thereby it is used for finding the boundaries of bubble objects within the image. Here in this study, we can come to know the boundaries of bubbles which can be found in different edge detection technique to get better results for counting bubbles and various advantages and disadvantages of edge detection techniques.

Author(s): Thamotharan B, Venkatraman B, Anusuya A, Chandrasekaran S, Ramakrishnan S, Karthikeyan MP
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