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Analysis of the abutment-implant platform gap in internal hex dental implants

The aim of this research was to identify the abutment-implant gap using 20 N or 30 N torques for the abutment. A descriptive study was designed using 3 internal hex implant systems from four different companies; the implants were manipulated in a usual way, installing the respective prosthetic abutment in each platform using 20 N/cm2 and 30 N/cm2 torque. Then, observations were made and photos taken a LEO 1420 VP scanning electron microscope; the data were analyzed with the Shapiro-Wilk test of normality and t-test for related samples, considering a value of p<0.05 for significant differences to compare the group with 20N and the group with 30N torque. Significant differences were identified between the gap in abutments installed with either 20 N/cm2 or 30 N/cm2, with fewer differences being observed in the latter group. There were wide variations between the study units, with reductions from 49% to 23% from the interface with the lower (20 N/cm2) to the higher torque (30 N/cm2). It can be concluded that the installation torque of prosthetic abutments influences the interface between prosthetic connector and implant surface.

Author(s): Ricardo Cardozo, Sergio Olate, Pablo Navarro, Javier Araya, Omar Gonzalez, Juan Carrasco, Claudia Zenteno
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